Technical Capability

Technical Capability


Historical Accomplishments of Product Development

SYNergy ScienTech Corp. is dedicated to protect natural resources and to create a safe, healthy, and comfortable work environment. In this process, all employees at SYNergy ScienTech Corp. endeavor to continuously improve and prevent any negative effects on the environment. At the stage of manufacturing, materials use and disposal, we shall strive to implement our environmental protection policy i.e., to achieve supreme goals of green manufacturing and no pollutions. Furthermore, we shall actively participate environmental protection and safety activities, to fulfill social obligations that a corporation should do.

  • Mass production of AHB has been initiated since June, 2003. Synergy's AHB with capacity ranging from 100mAh~400mAh have been successfully applied in the fields of Bluetooth Headset (BTH), compact Wireless Mouse, MP3, slim type DSC, and etc; while the medium sizes with capacity up to 2Ah in the areas of mobile phone, PND, MID and notebooks.
  • Synergy has had 19 patents obtained or pending for concerned formula and manufacturing processes of Li-ion rechargeable batteries, Li-ion Polymer rechargeable batteries and Advanced Hybrid Batteries (AHB).
  • Gel Type batteries, Power Tools batteries and RC batteries have been gotten into the stages of pilot run and mass production.
  • EV batteries are under development.