Environmental Policy

SYNergy ScienTech Corp. is dedicated to protect natural resources and to create a safe, healthy, and comfortable work environment. In this process, all employees at SYNergy ScienTech Corp. endeavor to continuously improve and prevent any negative effects on the environment. At the stage of manufacturing, materials use and disposal, we shall strive to implement our environmental protection policy, to achieve supreme goals of green manufacturing and no pollutions. Furthermore, we shall actively participate environmental protection and safety activities, to fulfill social obligations that a corporation should do.

Quality Policy

Quality Control System

Technology Excellence -

Through diligent research, development and innovation, firmly ensure excellent quality of products.

Total Employee's Participation -

With total employee's participation, effectively strengthen quality control system and assure excellent quality of products.

Customer Satisfaction -

The supreme goal of the quality control implementation is to achieve every customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance Ststem for Customer Satisfaction
Quality Control System
■ Reliability testing plan of new product and mass production
■ Data code identification system for process tracing
■ Statistical process control
■ Certification of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
■ UL1642 certification of Li-ion and Li-ion polymer batteries
■ UL60950 & IEC60950 Certification of Li-ion Battery Pack of IT equipments.
■ Product sampling plan to ensure outgoing quality
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