History & Corporate

SYNergy ScienTech Corp, located in the Science-Based Industrial Park in Hsinchu, is a leading corporation in the design, development, and manufacturing of rechargeable lithium-ion and lithium-ion polymer batteries in Taiwan. Established in March 1997, SYNergy practices a management philosophy of innovation, diligence and teamwork. The core of the corporation's professional team consists of scientists and engineers with expertise in chemistry, materials science, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, power electronics, product design, and quality management.

SYNergy is producing high quality and cost-effective batteries for portable electronic and other devices. As a premier solution provider in power source field, SYNergy emphasizes product quality and performance, and has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO14001/UL-1642 approvals since 1999 and 2001, respectively.

After launching the first commercial product of lithium-ion batteries in Taiwan, SYNergy develops several lines of lithium-ion and lithium-ion polymer batteries of excellent performance, suitable for blue tooth headset, MP3, DSC, cellular phones, notebook computers, and other applications. As an important role in the design and manufacturing of rechargeable power sources for the expanding portable electronic device market, SYNergy is bringing high added values for our customers, as well as establishing her own brand name and sales channels in Europe, America, Mainland China, and other areas of Asia.

To become a major supplier in the world market, SYNergy is initiating an expansion program, financially supported by its prominent shareholders to build a state of the art production facility for lithium-ion polymer batteries at Kunshan, Mainland China. The world of the 21st century will appreciate the increasing contribution of SYNergy ScienTech Corporation through its products and service in lithium-ion polymer batteries in BT headset, MP3, DSC, notebook personal computer, personal digital assistant (PDA), mobile phone, electrical bicycles, cordless tools, electrical vehicles, and others.

  • 2022
  • ◆ Kunshan SYNergy obtained ISO 13485 certification
  • 2021
  • ◆ Private placement 468 million, object of private placement Merry Electronic Co., LTD.
  • 2020
  • ◆ Kunshan SYNergy completed the second phase of plant construction and began production
  • 2019
  • ◆ Kunshan SYNergy planning ISO 27001, SA 8000 and other international standard certifications
  • 2018
  • ◆ Listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange and completed initial private placement 220 million
    ◆ Rechargeable coin battery
    ◆ Shaped battery
  • 2016
  • ◆ Kunshan SYNergy obtained OHSAS 18001 and QC 080000(HSF) certifications
    ◆ Thin battery
  • 2015
  • ◆ SYNergy’s stock public offering and were traded on the emerging stock market
    ◆ Obtained SONY GP certification
  • 2010
  • ◆ Lithium iron phosphate power battery -LFP
  • 2009
  • ◆ Obtained UN38.3 safety laboratory certification by Shanghai Institute of Chemical Industry
    ◆ Cylindrical battery
    ◆ Curved battery
  • 2007
  • ◆ Completed safety testing laboratory in Kunshan SYNergy
  • 2006
  • ◆ Kunshan SYNergy obtained ISO14001 certification
    ◆ Soft pouch Li-ion battery including: High voltage、Fast charging、Wide temp. operation
  • 2005
  • ◆ Kunshan SYNergy obtained ISO 9001 certification
  • 2004
  • ◆ Completed the construction of Kunshan factory and produced polymer Li ion batteries
    ◆ Obtained Taiwan UL Battery Client Testing Data Program(CTDP) qualification
  • 2002
  • ◆ AHB (Advanced Hybrid Li-ion Battery) brand registration
  • 1998
  • ◆ obtained the license of plastic lithium ion battery technology from Bellcore Lab. in the United States
  • 1997
  • ◆ SYNergy ScienTech Corp. was established in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan

Event Calendar

  • Established and funded by Chung Shing Textile Group in 1997, other institutional shareholders include Uni-President Group and Taiwan Industrial Bank.
  • Total capital investment US$23 M as of Dec. 2005.
  • Commercialized prismatic Li-ion cells in Oct. 1999.
  • Using Bellcore's license, mass-production of 300k LIP batteries per month launched in April of 2001.
  • ISO 9001 & 14001 certified by TUV in Dec. 1999 & Aug. 2001, respectively.
  • UL-1642 certified for both LIB and LIP batteries by Underwriters Laboratories in July & Sept. 2001, respectively.
  • Using her proprietary know-hows, SYNergy developed her unique Advanced Hybrid Battery (AHB) in 2002. In 2003, the UL1642 certification for AHBs by Underwriters Laboratories was obtained. Meanwhile, the mass production line was installed and operated in May , 2003. Because of AHB outstanding performance, uniformity, and reliability, it quickly expands the market share.
  • In 2001, started to set up Kunshan Synergy, Corp., a production factory with a monthly production capability of 3 millions cells/packs . The factory and production facility were completed in 2004, and started to pilot run in September, 2004. In 2005, it formally started the mass production of AHB.