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SYNergy targets smart watches, medical devices, smart glasses and mobile phone sectors.

SYNergy in 2013 via independent research and development announces two breakthroughs in the development of unique lithium polymer solutions- Curved Shape and 4.35V. Curved batteries that can be used in Bluetooth headsets, smart watches, smart glasses, medical devices and wearable electronics enables manufacturers to create more stylized products for consumers. The advent of 4.35V high energy density from SYNergy closes the gap to Japanese and South Korean standards. Testing on tablet PCs and smart phone has been positive and mass production is expected to begin in Q4, 2013.

In 2013 International 3C manufacturers have launched new and innovative products to capture the interest of consumers; popular products include wearable electronic products, such as Bluetooth headsets, smart watches, smart glasses, motion tracking loggers. Synergy’s leading position in small form batteries and extensive experiences in design and rapid development makes it well poised to meet the demands of next generation of wearable products.

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