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SYNergy’s Mini Polymer Lithium-ion Batteries Make Capital of Wearable Business Opportunity

By Yong-Quan Weng

Open a wearable product. Chances are that you will find a built-in battery marked “SYNergy”, and the probability is quite high. This is the achievement made by SYNergy ScienTech Corporation after its endeavors of more than ten years, according to Dr. Xuekun Xing, President of SYNergy. SYNergy provides the best solution to the source of power for mini wearable or portable devices, thus attracting many newly invested ventures to come to SYNergy on their own initiative for business.

For developers of wearable products, the source of power is the first and foremost problem confronting them. Kevin Wang, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing in SYNergy, pointed out that mini and irregularly shaped polymer lithium-ion batteries have the characteristics of requiring highly custom-made designs, which have made demands for them rise sharply, quite different from the standardized lithium-ion batteries used in mobile phones, tablets and notebooks. Most of the same businesses in Japan, Korea, and mainland China have devoted themselves to medium and large sized standardized products and thus no advantage in mini and irregular-shaped polymer lithium-ion batteries. In this area, SYNergy has become the largest supplier in Taiwan and joined the ranks of the first-class brand companies of international renown.

SYNergy’s R & D department is located in Hsin-chu Science-based Industrial Park. Its factory located in Kunshan, China, which each month turn out nearly 4 million packs of various kinds of mini and irregular-shaped batteries, including square-, cylindrical-, curved- and other shaped ones. Last year, its products ordered and shipped reached up to 25 million packs approximately. Among them, a product of dimensions of 11 mm in width and 13 mm in length has the capacity of more than 70 mAh, being equipped with the excellent feature of the speedily charging rate of 2C. In other words, 80 percent of its capacity can be recovered after being charged for 40 minutes, thus greatly shortening the charging time. Dr. Xing said, “SYNergy’s batteries have the desirable characteristics of high voltage and high energy density and being produced with a wide variety of paradigms and designs, can fulfill the needs for different types of exteriors and models set down by different clients.”

SYNergy was established in 1997. At present, its capital stock is nearly 750 million NT dollars. Last year, its annual revenue was close to 1.1 billion NT dollars with EPS equaling to 1.04 NT dollars. The new factory under construction is scheduled to come into operation at the end of next year, which will add a 1.5-fold increase in productivity so that SYNergy will stand in the ranks of major factories monthly producing ten million of packs. It will thus meet the demands from major clients around the globe and boost its competiveness in getting orders. SYNergy’s clients come from all sectors of commercial circles. The first six largest clients placed orders worth 85 percent of its revenues. It is planned that its stocks will be open to the public in the third quarter and SYNergy will be listed in the stock exchange here in Taiwan in the fourth quarter.

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