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Focusing on Medium and Mini Sized Lithium-Ion Polymer Batteries, SYNergy Makes Steady and Healthy Profits

by Bing-Feng Chang

SYNergy has developed a micro lithium-ion polymer battery 1.3 cm long and1.1 cm wide which delivers a capacity of 70 mAh, at the fast charging rate of 2C, contributing 80% of capacity in 40 minutes.

By placing its focus on niche markets of medium and mini sized lithium-ion polymer batteries for Bluetooth headsets and wearable devices, SYNergy ScienTech Corporation has achieved excellent results in its business operation, establishing itself as an essential link of the supply chain of many major Bluetooth headset and wearable device factories all over the world. In business operation, it has an annual revenue over one billion NT dollars two years in a row and is now keeping on earning substantial profits. SYNergy is not only the best in the sector of medium and mini sized irregular-shaped lithium-ion polymer batteries on both sides of the Taiwan Straits but also one of few lithium-ion polymer battery cell and pack manufacturers in Taiwan which continues to bring in profits.

Headquartered in Hsin-chu Science-based Industrial Park, SYNergy recruits its team of experts in this country and from overseas in material science, chemistry, chemical engineering, electronics, etc. Since its establishment 18 years ago, besides having obtained a patent and authorization on PLION lithium-ion polymer batteries from Bellcore Laboratories, USA, it has been awarded many patents and possessed technologies which were developed by itself. It also has received Hsin-chu Science-based Industrial Park Creativity and Research Award many times. From 2002 on, it began producing Advanced Hybrid Batteries (AHB), mainly concentrating on applications and markets of medium, small and mini sized lithium-ion polymer batteries and on many occasions received approvals from many premier international companies. At present, it is one of three foremost suppliers of mini lithium-ion polymer batteries on the globe. After the fourth quarter of this year, it will step towards the capital market and become a public company by applying for registration on Taiwan’s Emerging Stock Market.

SYNergy’s superiority over its competitors lies in its prompt development and service of new products as well as flexible and customized manufacturing processes so as to provide clients at the end of the process line with a few battery products of wide varieties, thus shortening for them the time between new product development and marketing. More importantly, with its unique production process design and strignet production management, Synergy supplies lithium-ion polymer batteries of high safety, which inspire confidence in its major clients and enable the long-lasting cooperative relationship to be maintained, so much so that it can overcome the competition and challenges from battery products mass-produced in Japan and Korea and those with low price tags offered in mainland China.

Due to their mastery of critical technical know-how in areas of positive and negative electrode materials, electrolyte solution formulae and additives selection, cell structure design, fast charging design, irregular-shaped battery assembly design, low temperature power battery technical know-how, and STOBA safety additive patent and authorization, etc. in connection with lithium-ion polymer batteries, SYNergy’s team of professionals are able to design batteries for many applications in the fields of Bluetooth headsets, wearable and health-related gadgets, wireless keyboards, and wireless speakers, etc. according to different demands of clients.

In recent years, SYNergy has targeted mainly on lithium-ion polymer batteries for mobile phone companion products and tablet computer peripherals, including blue tooth headsets, wireless speakers, smartwatches, medical devices, health-related gadgets, wireless keyboards, and other kinds of wearable devices. With a view to expanding the demands from application markets, SYNergy also strives to develop high voltage batteries of 4.35 V, coin cell type secondary batteries, large energy-storage and power batteries, wearable curved batteries, etc. so as to provide clients with all-round solutions to demands for lithium-ion polymer batteries.

Quite different from most companies in the same business in Taiwan, SYNergy, with its unique ability in development and mass production of custom-made lithium-ion polymer batteries and its plunge into niche markets of medium and mini sized products, has by and by come to consolidate a share of the global market. Its business grows steadily and it has reasonable gross profit margins. It is expected that it will have sustainable and growing kinetic energy for application markets of wearable devices, computer peripherals, energy-storage and application, electric vehicles, etc. in the future.

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