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SYNergy ScienTech Corp., Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Producer, Registers on Emerging Stock Board Today

by Bing-Feng Chang

SYNergy ScienTech Corp.(6558), which specializes in lithium-ion polymer batteries, has completed the procedure of registering on the Emerging Stock Board today, thus adding a vital new force to the concept stocks of OTC green energy storage devices and wearables. For related service and assistance, SYNergy is recommended to go mainly to Fubon Securities, but IBT Securities and HuaNan Securities will also extend a helping hand, if needed.

SYNergy is a long-standing well-experienced professional manufacturer of lithium-ion polymer batteries in this country. established 18 years ago, Synergy has devoted to the development, production, and marketing of rechargeable lithium-ion polymer batteries. Its products include lithium-ion polymer battery cells and battery packs. In recent years, SYNergy has focused on niche markets of medium and mini 3C consumer goods such as blue-tooth headsets and wearable devices. By achieving remarkable results in business operation, it has joined the ranks of the few Taiwanese-invested lithium-ion polymer battery manufacturing companies which are making profits year after year. The next two or three years will see the continual expansion in the market demands for the global mobile communications devices and wearables, one of the kinetic energies for sustaining growth in SYNergy’s short-term and mid-term business operations.

In comparison with conventional cylindrical and prismatic lithium-ion batteries with metallic enclosures, lithium-ion polymer batteries have the excellent characteristics of ultra-thinness, high capacity, and high safety as well as irregular-shaped configurations. Lithium-ion polymer batteries are used widely in blue-tooth headsets, MP3, digital cameras, mobile phones, and other portable electronic products.

SYNergy is one of few mini, small and medium sized lithium-ion polymer battery manufacturing companies in Taiwan which focus on making products for application markets of 3C consumer goods. In the recent years, it has earned great reputation in the sector of Bluetooth headset secondary lithium-ion polymer batteries. At present, Bluetooth headsets and wearable devices are two major applications.

In the past few years, many international brand manufacturers have continued to bring out innovative portable electronic products for the market, including various kinds of wearable smart eyeglasses, smartwatches, Bluetooth headsets, thinner smartphones and tablets, medical and therapeutic instruments, etc. This fact shows that the trend is on the rise for products of lightness, thinness, and compactness and the demands are more urgent for lithium-ion polymer battery’s special functions and custom-made characteristics. With advanced customized materials, experience in process, design, development, and mass production, SYNergy presents many series of ultra-compact and irregularly shaped lithium-ion polymer batteries of high safety and high capacity, which are supplied to many world-famous factories in large quantities. In future, the trend and fashion brought on by wearable gadgets are expected to generate growth in SYNergy’s business operation and create new market opportunities.

In SYNergy’s financial statements of first three quarters this year, its profits are better than expected. In the first three quarters, the cumulative revenues are (0.738 billion) 738 million NTD and the operating gross profit is (0.16 billion) 160 million NTD, thus the gross profit margin is 21.77%, an increase of 2.3%, compared to the annual gross profit margin last year, which was 19.47%. The net profit before tax of the first three quarters this year is 73.26 million NTD, close to 90% of the yearly net profit before tax last year 79.69 million NTD. The net profit after tax of the first three quarters this year is 68.19 million NTD, whose EPS is 0.91 NTD, enumerated according to the present capital stock 7.45 billion NTD. Institutional investors predict that this year in annual revenue, SYNergy is expected to keep to the level of over 10 billion NTD and will go on maintaining steady profitability.

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